Hey there you awesome person! Thank you so much for stopping by the playground, my thing on the Interwebs where my thoughts, work, ramblings, and other such goodies reside. No filler. No BS. I try to be honest in everything I do, and this website is no exception. I encourage you to look around a bit. If you enjoy what you see, please feel free to like my page on facebook or follow me on twitter. Happy browsing!

welcome to the new design!

If you’re reading this, you’re seeing my newly updated playground! Lucky you!

I’ve spent late nights and long hours building this WordPress theme from scratch. The awesome developers behind BlankSlate have come up with a naked theme that’s bare bones and allows designers/developers to create a fully customized theme. I’m thrilled I found it because I can’t stand going through the code of other themes, and let’s face it, it’s way cooler to build something from the ground floor. I mean, would you rather have Chef Boyardee or pasta from scratch? Methinks the latter.

I realized that my old website, though I loved the way it looked, just wasn’t sustainable in an Internet world full of beautiful, responsive design that allows for functionality on all devices. If I ever want people to view my website and keep returning, I had to find a way to make the experience viable on all devices, so I got to work. What you see is the result of many hours of work (hey, I’m not a professional developer!), my heart, and my passion for creating beautiful things. I truly hope you enjoy the changes.

Please, take a look around, enjoy, even scrutinize, and as always, feel free to get in touch with me about anything. If you see any bugs or have any problems, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use my contact page and let me know what issues you have. I want this website to perform as close to perfectly as possible so your experience on the playground is enjoyable, enlightening, and most importantly, fun!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I’ll be making a more persistent effort in updating my content as often as possible now that the site is updated. Look for many more goodies to come in the future.

So long for now, as I believe I hear a glass of Jameson calling my name. Happy browsing!


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