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this was sick, but i’m not happy with the wings

Although this shootout goal was gnarly…

…it’s only 3 games into the season, and I’m frustrated with the Red Wings. They sure have started off in a — uh — crappy fashion. Already beaten up, having somewhere around 8 guys (many of them defensemen) injured, they don’t seem to be congruent with one another. I had a feeling this could happen given the 5-day training camp, but didn’t foresee the road being this rocky. They only have 4 goals so far and are 0-fer on their power play. Despite Brunner finally scoring his first real goal after 3495987345697 chances the first 3 games, it came with 3.5 seconds left in the game. Woof. They’ve also given up 2 shorty goals and numerous other scoring chances while on the PP.

I’m still optimistic that they’ll turn it around. I mean, they can’t get any worse, and they’re only 3 games in; no need to jump ship yet. Jimmy Howard has looked pretty good the past couple games, and with around $8 million or so in cap room, they could do something before the deadline, right? When some veteran bodies return to the roster like Bertuzzi, Ericsson, etc. they’ll no doubt improve. Right now, they need to be more cohesive; I’d prefer mid-ice fluidity, as it seems that they’re struggling to get the puck into the zone and keep it there.

Go get the Wild Friday boys.


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