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stop doing snatches… please

As the title says, stop doing snatches.

I see at least 3 or 4 social media posts a day with people doing snatches, and the form is terrible. You’re going to hurt yourselves.

Ultimately, the snatch is kind of a worthless lift, unless you want to win a gold medal. This lift takes YEARS of practice, patience and training to simply get the form proper. Again, you’re going to hurt yourselves. Stop celebrating getting weight over your head.

I see too many people trying to lift the weight overhead with their shoulders and rise with said weight, which is terrible form. Essentially, to accomplish an efficient, and safe snatch lift, utilizing the shoulder muscles is poor form.

The key muscles in this lift are the glutes, hips, and lower back. Those groups drive the weight, with a bit of trap help, to about the nipple level of the lifter. It is at that point, that the bar should remain at a stasis from the ground, while the lifter drops into a solid overhead squat stance. The arms extend, the core tightens. The bar shouldn’t move vertically until proper balance is achieved, and only then can the lifter can utilize a clean overhead squat to rise the weight to a complete lift.

Simply throwing the weight over one’s head and extending one’s arms is a recipe for disaster. I’m just saying. Research proper form, because most of you aren’t doing it right and I don’t want to see you pop your shoulder from bad form. I’ve done it, twice. It’s not fun.

Here’s a great video on how to learn a proper snatch

Be safe, and lift heavy.



  • Angela says:

    So you are saying if I want to learn how to snatch I should watch that video and I should be good to go?

    You can literally make this argument about ANY technical sport. I assume most people posting snatches on the internet are training with REAL coaches so your input is probably unneeded, unnecessary, and unwarranted.

    Sorry about your shoulders but you shouldn’t quit your day job to internet coach and critique other people’s lifts. Further more, until you are a USAW coach, you shouldn’t be telling anyone how to snatch…or to learn how to “properly snatch” from a YOUTUBE VIDEO lololololol

    Please rant on something else, this is a waste of internet space.

    • rlouisbarrett says:

      Have fun being a crossfit coach. What I’m saying is that most people have no clue how to do proper olympic lifts, and they suffer injuries from them.

      When I see my friends doing dangerous lifts, and doing them poorly,… yea, that pisses me off. How about do your job and learn how to educate folks on how to do dangerous, olympic lifts properly.

      Or, just fuck off. Or you can just insult me by commenting on my website. I’ve only been trained by some of the best strongmen in the midwest over my lifetime.

      Kiss my ass, and be careful, because you may break your lips.

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