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sci-fi story second drops


I was hungover, and Ira kept repeating it… over… over… and OVER…

You know the feeling. Loud noises. Monster headache. Just wanting to curl back up and forget the world. She was having nothing of it.

“Today is the day! They’re landing today!”


I rolled/fell/whatevered out of bed. It was common knowledge that beings were coming to Earth. Since 2093, we (humans) had known about other life forms. For whatever reason, I wasn’t as enthused.

Dragging ass into the shower, the warm water cleansed the whiskey, weed, and… well, everything — I still felt nothing. Apathetic. Understanding, but unimpressed.

My towel, draped gingerly around my waist, fell straight to the floor. The arrival had turned, so fucking quickly, into a catastrophic mess.

Ira fell silent, as we watched Dubai, in all of it’s brilliance, sink into the ground. I held her, and I couldn’t breathe, not one gasp, and as she tried to speak, we only saw the flames.

I said two words. “Holy fuck.”…..

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