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cold english – my buddy’s new band is awesome

This is Cold English. They’re a sweet new band from Detroit that features my boy D. Allie on vocals… read on

it’s been a h-while

It’s been far too long since I’ve done anything worthwhile of posting, but I promise I have a few things upcoming to provide you, including but not limited too: 1] a few photos from the Snowmaggedon Bowl last weekend in Philly… read on

two more new paintings

Here’s two more new paintings for your eyeballs and brains… read on


yet another new painting… a successful experiment

Here’s a new triptych. It was a bit of an experiment, but I think it turned out very well. I like it… read on


a couple new paintings for your viewing pleasure

Here’s a couple new paintings for everyone to view, enjoy, and whatnot… read on

the job hunt continues

So, after recently being hired twice in the past month, only to have both of those jobs fall through for reasons I still don’t understand through lack of explanation, I’m back in the job hunt again… read on

i want to work for old spice

I want to work for Old Spice. I mean, come ON! Look at these hilarious commercials!!!! read on

new paintin’s! enjoy!

So, I finally posted some new paintings on here. It took longer than I’d hoped, but they’re here. Please take a look… read on


hey dove – this is crap. leave designers alone on this one.

Before you read further, please watch the following video: K, got it? Dove, through their Real Beauty campaign, which began …see more…

i love slow lorises! also, coheed

ermuhgurhhhhhdddddd… ZOMG… this little guy I’ve known about Slow Lorises for a while now. They’re so fricking cute – I …see more…