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thank you reggie bush

Reggie Bush

So, we’re all Lions fans here right? Yep! So…

I’ll keep it short and sweet. I LOVE Reggie Bush. Good luck in San Fran… read on

the tigers offseason is a disastrophe

The title says it all about my feelings on the Tigers’ offseason. A pure, steaming, regrettable, weak, cost-cutting pile of hot garbage. I’m reminded of a drop that Matt Dery uses on his show when something goes wrong: It’s a DISASTROPHE!… read on

my take on the Red Wings as they stand right now

For anyone who gives a flying fuck about the Red Wings, here’s my take… read on

a new painting – the largest i’ve done

I’ve completed a new painting titled “You’ve Always Been More Patient than Me”, and it’s the largest I’ve done so far… read on

you've always been more patient than me

i made some bleach tees!

Last weekend, amongst other artsy projects, I decided to try to do some bleach t-shirt designs. It’s a pretty simple concept really… read on

bleach tee

my time at the lions/eagles game

This past December, I took a trip to Philly to see my Lions take on the Eagles. This was a special, fun experience for me for many reasons. I was able to visit one of my best friends in the world, see my favorite team play, and we even had pregame field passes! Thanks Dan! However, this game will always stand out in my mind because of the weather. Oh the weather… read on

lions vs eagles

welcome to the new design!

If you’re reading this, you’re seeing my newly updated playground! Lucky you!

I’ve spent late nights and long hours building this Wordpress theme from scratch… read on

cold english – my buddy’s new band is awesome

This is Cold English. They’re a sweet new band from Detroit that features my boy D. Allie on vocals… read on

it’s been a h-while

It’s been far too long since I’ve done anything worthwhile of posting, but I promise I have a few things upcoming to provide you, including but not limited too: 1] a few photos from the Snowmaggedon Bowl last weekend in Philly… read on

two more new paintings

Here’s two more new paintings for your eyeballs and brains… read on