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my time at the lions/eagles game

This past December, I took a trip to Philly to see my Lions take on the Eagles. This was a special, fun experience for me for many reasons. I was able to visit one of my best friends in the world, see my favorite team play, and we even had pregame field passes! Thanks Dan! However, this game will always stand out in my mind because of the weather. Oh the weather…

Known as one of the snowmageddon games that took place that weekend, this game was played during a big snowstorm. The snowfall appeared to accumulate a foot of snow on the field. It was crazy. Take a look at some of the photos, and I think you’ll see they speak for themselves…

The field conditions were crazy. In the hour or so we were down there, it snowed about 2 or 3 inches at least, on top of the 2 or 3 that fell while we were tailgating.
lions vs eagles

I got to chit chat a bit with Akers and Martin, the kicker/punter for the Lions. They were really nice and we cracked a couple jokes!
lions vs eagles

Heading down to the field to use our field passes.
lions vs eagles

Almost kickoff, and you couldn’t see across the field. The camera was able to gather a bit of extra light, but trust me, you couldn’t see all the way across the field with the naked eye. Interesting, because we kind of had to base what happened on each play on the other side of the field by crowd noise.
lions vs eagles

The crew! From left to right it’s me, my buddy Dan, and his fiancé Dayna. They’re awesome people, and we had a blast. Look at all the snow!
lions vs eagles

The Eagles fans threw a TON of snowballs at us. Jerks. However, one clever guy beer ponged me, so I chugged the beer and this is what remained. Brilliant.
lions vs eagles

Unfortunately for Dan and I, the Lions blew yet another 4th quarter lead in what would be the beginning of an abysmal late season collapse. Even Mojo was worried about it.
lions vs eagles

Fortunately for us, we had plenty of this stuff to warm us back up and lift our spirits.
lions vs eagles

Well there you have it. That trip is one I’ll never forget, and a big thank you to Dan and Dayna for letting me crash. Making great memories with wonderful people makes life worth living, and I can’t wait to make more with those crazy cats.

All for now. We are star stuff.


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