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i’ve been waiting 12 years for this

If only I had the $$$$, I’d be in New Orleans right now with throat coat tea and my Megatron jersey.

For Lions fans, the past 12 years have been nothing short of a nightmare. From dumb penalties, to being robbed of victories, to terrible management, we’ve done the whole “grin and bear it” (or swear under your breath and try to come up some sort of reason to defend our favorite sports team) routine for over a decade. The time has come. The playoffs are upon us. I’m fucking excited.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Lions are ridiculous underdogs. After all, Drew Brees is the man. He’s good, really, really, apocalyptically good, and he’s even better in the Benzodome. However, though I might be crazy (I am), insane (sometimes), or just an optimist for the team and city I love (every day), I think the Lions are going to shock the world.

This team is resilient. Never before has a team come back from 20+ point deficits in back to back games, both of which were on the road. Never before has a team come back from 4 13+ point deficits in a single season. Never before has a team shown such a dramatic turn around in team culture, talent, and overall will to win. However, since 1957, never has a Lions team won an away playoff game.

The 11 point spread on this game is insulting, a joke, diminutive. And there-in lies bulletin board material for the Lions. Their defense has never been healthier (recall that Fairley was out early in the season), and without dumb penalties, the Lions could’ve beaten the Saints in week 13. Matthew Stafford clearly has ice in his veins. After all, the guy is the fourth man in the history of the NFL to throw for over 5,000 yards, and he led those 4 amazing comebacks.

When all is said and done, I’m jumping off a ledge and picking the Lions to win 38-34. I truly believe that this team is, and will continue to be, very special. Homerisms aside, I’m undoubtedly worried about how good the Saints are, but dammit I’ve been waiting since middle school for this, and for some Lions fans, they’ve been waiting even longer (for a road playoff win).

Go Lions, and I can’t even sleep I’m so excited right now.


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