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i’m dabbling in sci-fi. here’s the first drops of this bucket…

Cold? Kind of cloudy. No rain, but dreary?

I watched the pulleys lower him into the ground. Seven feet — by three feet — by six feet…

Painful. I mean, have you ever watched your best friend lowered into the Earth? I was witnessing that thing exactly.

Slow. It took for-r-r-r-ever. I suppose I could compare it to having a plug in your ear, and no matter how much you jaw, yawn, or chew gum, you can’t fucking make it comfortable. Yea, that’s the analogy I’m looking for.

Now, I actually preferred to see him die in that hospital — rather than watch a sinking casket. Forget the yellow, bubbling lesions on his face — well, those are hard to forget. They made him practically un-fucking-recognizable. So, wait, don’t forget that part.

The ease came with his last breath, wrapped in the room where people actually tried to help. A safe place, where so called “friends” and “family” came to visit. Even during the virus, when he was at his worst, the doctors still gave us some sort of hope? Peace was there, I guess, as gullible and delusional as it sounds. I mean, death in a place where people are caring for you? What glory!? (cough) What a way out!? (cough) I suppose that’s the dish they’re feeding us these days….

— Sure… fuck if I’ve ever felt honest about that.


The walls were baby blue — our favorite color. We hadn’t seen the sun for months. I’m guessing that didn’t help his so-called “recovery.” What actually killed him? Well, I thought it was easier to just pose that question…

The crinky-cranky noise of those fucking pulleys — they needed to grease that shit. Soon after, into the Earth…


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