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i love slow lorises! also, coheed


ZOMG… this little guy

I’ve known about Slow Lorises for a while now. They’re so fricking cute – I want to pet one, RIGHT NOW. Just be careful because they secrete a toxin from their elbows, lick it, then BITE for self defense! Also, I’m not sure how the people in these Loris videos got their little friend, but after reading the bottom of the page about how these cute little buggers are prepared for sale, it makes me rethink those who own them. Not cool.

I just want to bask in their cuteness in person :[

Also, the Coheed show a couple weeks ago was amazing, as usual. I didn’t bring my actual camera, so I had to settle for the crappy pics my phone takes. This is the only reasonable one of the bunch:

coheed and cambria claudio sanchez

Claudio can rock the shit out of a guitar behind his head. Or with his teeth. Or with a violin bow. Or by banging on it. Or by yelling into it…


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