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bears fans are just… livin’ in the 80′s

Holy poop Bears fans are cute. So, clearly I was out and about in Chicago tonight, and I had some fun NFL previews, with quotes….

“The Lions will win 6 games because they got arrested”

“The Bears will win 11 games because their defense is awesome”

“The Bears have Marshall. ‘Nuff said”…

Cute…. Really, really cute. Want a reality check?

The Bears have one of the worst d-lines in the league, whereas, the Lions have one of the best, not to mention that instead of Shea McClellin, we have Nick fricking Fairley, SUHHHH, Cliff Avril, and Kyle Vanden Bosch.

The Bears also have a secondary that rivals the Lions as one of the worst in the NFL. It’s bad.

So really, what do the Bears have that makes them SO much better than last year?

A healthy QB? Well hell, Cutler has been hurt the past two years when it mattered, and let’s face it, Matthew Stafford was just SICK last year. Not too often a QB throws for over 5,000 YDs and 40 TDs. Beyond that, It’s funny that everyone assumes that Mike Tice’s system is just going to work. That’s a pretty bold assumption.

Oh, and Brandon “Headcase” Marshall is going to put you over the top? Sorry, he won’t. He’ll help for sure, but… he’s a headcase and really can’t compare to Megatron.

And please tell me, other than Peppers, who is the next GOOD Bears D-Lineman? Idonije? 5 sacks last year. Willy Young, a BACK UP for the Lions had 3, not to mention he forced a few fumbles too, something Idonije didn’t really do.

The Lions are a better team with more talent. Just suck it up Bears fans, take your diapers off, and seriously give me something feasible as an argument.

It’s not ’85.





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  • Rudy says:

    Hey Rob,
    I enjoyed your article about the bears. It was a pretty good work of fiction, I thought it was fun. While reading fiction is a favorite pastime of mine let me enlighten you to some FACTS about your statements.

    1. The bears have one of the worst d-lines and the Lions have one of the best: what are you basing this statement on? sacks? while yes the lions had more sacks the bears were not far behind (33 vs. 41). However, the bears had significantly more tackles for a loss (63 vs 46). While we are on the topic of d-line duties lets discuss running game. While both teams allowed the same amount of rushing TDs (10) the Bears allowed 1542 yds the lions allowed 2050 yds or 32% more yards… not really sure how that qualifies as the one of the best d-lines. Bears also forced 9 rushing fumbles while Detroit had 5. Pretty much the bears beat out the lions in almost every statistical category you could put on a d-line expect for one… your crutch, sacks.

    2. Moving forward “Cutler gets hurt”:
    Yes Cutler did suffer some injuries but Stafford only last year has put in a full season. How can you even compare the two? Stafford has been hurt EVERY SINGLE YEAR of his career. Cutler in his 6 year career has missed 6 games, Stafford? 19 GAMES in 3 Seasons!! Are you seriously going to make a comparison there!?!

    3. Brandon Marshall is a “headcase” and cant compare to megatron: Wrong again my friend, the actually DO compare. Marshall has had at least 1000 yds receiving EVERY YEAR OF HIS CAREER (not including rookie year). has megatron done that? NOPE! don’t get me wrong CJ is definitely the best receiver in the league, no question, but to say Marshall doesn’t compare is a pretty stupid statement. Marshall while he is a bit of a nut is still an elite NFL receiver. And he has the numbers to prove it.

    Lastly, lets talk about the running game. The bears have 2 elite running backs! how many do the lions have? 0! Best’s career is over, Smith, while a great back, has never had a year without injury. oh and I know what your going to say… mikel leshoure right? well I wouldn’t really count on a player who A. hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL and B. COMPLETELY TORE HIS ACHILLES!! Players NEVER come back to their original form after a tear like that. Here is an excerpt from a Medical Journal (The Lower Extremity Review) that did a study on it:

    Of the 31 players who sustained an Achilles tendon rupture, 21 (64%) returned to play in the NFL at an average of 11 months after injury. In the three seasons following their return, those 21 players saw significant decreases in games played and power ratings compared to the three seasons preceding the injury.

    Unlike you with your Blue and Silver blinders on I can tell you that the Lions have a great team and IF the can stay healthy will give the bears a run for the money. I respect our opponents and understand their strengths and weaknesses. You however do not see things this way, you just don’t understand football outside of Detroit and your arguments sound absolutely idiotic.

    I love you buddy but your football knowledge is laughable.

    ~ Rudy
    Bears Fan

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