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a new painting – the largest i’ve done

I’ve completed a new painting titled “You’ve Always Been More Patient than Me”, and it’s the largest I’ve done so far.

you've always been more patient than me

It’s 40″ x 60″, which made it a challenge to work on. Too tall to put on an easel, I had to work Pollock style (minus the cig butts getting in there). Here’s a photo of me next to it (I’m 5’11″ tall).

you've always been more patient than me

This proved to be quite a challenge, as I didn’t want to actually step on the painting. By reaching, straining, sweating, cricking, bending, and other such methods of body deformation, I was able to apply the paint. Perhaps I shouldn’t stretch the canvas first, but then again, I think I could just adjust the height my easel. I’d rather not paint first, stretch later. Not my style.

Anyway, I was able to stay aggressive with the paint, actively mixing the color after I applied it to the canvas. I find this approach to be more fun anyway, and it can create some very interesting texture and subtle nuances that you just can’t get by pre-mixing your colors. I’ve always been a more “on the fly” painter in the first place.

Please let me know if you like it! Or hate it! Whatever!

We are star stuff.


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