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a long overdue book review… never sleep

Never Sleep is a whimsical, interesting plunge into the minds of two graphic designers. Written by Dress Code, this semi-design-autobiography details the design lives of Dan Covert and Andre Andreev. They seem like pretty cool cats from simply judging the book’s cover (wait, we’re not supposed to do that, right?)…


Turns out they are rather faddy felines with an eye for design that truly impresses.

Upon first review of the book, as most designers do, I flipped through and judged the visual layout. It’s colorful, combines serif and non-serif typefaces, and leaves negative space for neat list-like inserts on various pages throughout. Simply said, the design looks cool. Me likey.

I have only a couple beefs with how they chose to set up this puppy. First and foremost, though Courier looks nice with Helvetica, I’m not too keen on using it as the main typeface for the copy. It becomes taxing on the eyes after 20 or so pages. Fortunately, they chose a larger type size to help counteract this, but still… ouchies after a while.

My other negative comment would be the overall lack of size on some of the design images. Many are tiny, and it becomes difficult at times to get a good feel for them. I appreciate the fact that they balance this with larger images, however, I’d prefer to see them a bit larger in general.

Complaints aside, the book is incredibly fun to read due to the natural style of the writing. I laughed, empathized, and was blown away at points with their stories. Dan and Andre have certainly lived lives of fruitful design experiences of which, in all honesty, I am somewhat jealous. That’s my own problem, however.

I would highly, highly recommend this book to any designer, of any age. It’s incredibly educational without seeming so, and throughout the book you can find essays by various individuals outside of Dan and Andre that provide real insight to being a better designer, artist, thinker, and person.

If you ever get a chance to read this, DO IT. Your time will not be spent in vain.

All for now.


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