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new paintings!

Hi everybody! I have new paintings to show you! …see more…

you know you're powerful, i wish you would tell me that

monsters outside my window

When I was a kid, like a legit 5 or 6 year kid… My Dad, my hero, my “I want …see more…

the brownie incident

I was 8 years old, or 7 or 9. My acuteness escapes me. Those brownies smelled amazing. I couldn’t help …see more…

open letter to Cubs fans


Dear Cubs fans

Congrats! You’re only one win away from making it to the World Series! And before you get all wacky and say I’m jinxing you, well, I’m not…. read more

why are paintings so expensive?

I’m often asked why artwork is so expensive. I’m not talking about multi-million dollar Van Gogh “Irises” expensive here. I mean, like, $500-$3000 for a stretched canvas piece… read more

just a quick sample of the wings need to do more…

So Red Wings fans, we’ve been SCREAMING for the Wings to “shoot the damn puck.” Well, here’s a perfect example …see more…

i’m dabbling in sci-fi. here’s the first drops of this bucket…

Cold? Kind of cloudy. No rain, but dreary? I watched the pulleys lower him into the ground. Seven feet — …see more…

For Davey: July 20, 1981 – August 13, 2015


“Prom night!” Dave squealed with the cocky grin of a terrible two’s toddler. Read more…

holy jumpin! 24 in a row!

The Detroit Red Wings have made the playoffs for 24 years in a row. Regardless if you love them, hate them, hell, even nothing them, it’s an amazing feat… read on
Detroit Red Wings, 24 playoff appearances

pure imagination

Up late. This is one of the greatest songs in movie history…read more